About FullBlue360

Sustainable Soilless Growing Medium

Our agronomist has spent over 30 years developing the perfect, soilless environment for the blueberry plant.

Whether on a rooftop in Long Island City or the Pine Barrens of NJ, FullBlue360 can truly be grown successfully in nearly any environment and climate around the world.

FullBlue360’s competitive advantage is exemplified by:

  • The use of retractable netting and a bagged system – creating the perfect conditions for optimal blueberry growth.
  • An in-depth understanding of cultivars and microclimates – making it possible to produce a year round American product and utilizing growing sites that can be established across the USA.
  • A unique soilless growing technique – enabling us to produce blueberries in various climatic zones, irrespective of the suitability of the soil types found there.

Ultimately, FullBlue360 can grow and supply blueberries in locations and climatic conditions where its competitors cannot.


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Precision Water Management

The FullBlue360 system takes water management and sustainable water practices to new heights.

  • Our precision water management platform requires significantly less water than traditional field production methods.
  • Depending on the location, our irrigation method reduces water use by as much as 50-70%.”
  • This system creates zero risk to groundwater pollution from the leaching of nutrients, making it environmentally friendly.
  • FullBlue360 is conscious of detrimental environmental effects some agricultural methods can have to our world. And so, our product is grown in a way conducive to a green and sustainable future.

Considering water scarcity and climate change issues, agricultural practices that need little water, such as FullBlue360, provide retailers with the assurance that the product will be supplied to them, regardless of future uncertainties.

Specially Designed Netting System

FullBlue360 farms use a unique retractable netting system that is designed for each microclimate, and to optimize plant growth for each location.

Triples Yields on an Acre

FullBlue360’s intensive, high-density planting system increases yields by 200% (triple) compared to traditional in-field production.

  • Between 50% and 125% more labor efficient: the planting system is ergonomically laid out to ensure that bushes are smaller, easier to pick and closer together.
  • Producing the equivalent of an acre’s conventional blueberry planting (43,560 ft²) using only 7,000 ft².

This translates into a farming method that will meet the worldwide demand for blueberry produce more effectively and efficiently.

Weather Resilience

FullBlue360 built its first project in 2015; this coincided with the most erratic weather patterns the region had experienced in several years. Traditional growers in our region lost as much as 25% of their crop. We, however, did not lose any crop, and in fact, achieved the unthinkable.

Our plants produced fruit two weeks earlier than our field-producing neighbors, even surprising our expert agronomist.

  • Our unique netting design and formulation allowed the FullBlue360 team to manipulate the plants by modifying the natural climate found at each site, optimizing the plants’ growth and subsequent yields.
  • The non-reliance on rainfall for irrigation and ability to feed the plants what they require demonstrates the resilience of the FullBlue360 production system.
  • FullBlue360 has achieved a singular industry accomplishment by having the USDA certify our product as organic.
  • Our growing system is the first of its kind to have organic certified product, and this is a tremendous achievement and only shared amongst a handful of other blueberry operations worldwide.

Using our innovative design and proprietary technology, FullBlue360 has proven that we can supply our product, in demand by markets across the world, when other producers cannot due to weather related impacts.

Packing and Cooling

FullBlue360 owns and manages its own packing and cooling facilities which allows for optimal handling of the fruit from orchard to table, ensuring that only the freshest and highest quality berries are sold.

The ability to package the fruit in retailer specific packaging further enhances the fresh retail offer.

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