Existing Farm Platform – New Jersey
Oct 29, 2018 Written by Tiffany Bohlin

In 2013, we began the development of this 10-acre, nontraditional, commercially scaled farming operation in the Northern Pinelands of New Jersey.

This farm utilizes a proprietary growing medium along with precision water management systems (reducing water use up to 50%-70% from traditional farms) and specialized shade cloth which combined with the ultra-high-density growing model triple the harvest yields per acre, the first in the county.

By 2016, FullBlue360 achieved our goal of organic certification in time for our first commercial harvest, that produced consumer-ready produce two weeks earlier than any of our field-producing neighbors, even at the surprise of our expert agronomist!

Our unique netting design and formulation allowed the FullBlue360 team to manipulate the plants by modifying the natural climate found at each site, optimizing the plants’ growth and subsequent yields.
The non-reliance on rainfall for irrigation and ability to feed the plants what they require demonstrates the resilience of the FullBlue360 production system.

Using our innovative design and proprietary technology, FullBlue360 has proven that we can supply our product, in demand by markets across the world, when other producers cannot due to weather related impacts.

Using our unique growing methods, not only are our plants weather resilient, but they produce three-times the amount of fruit per acre than any other blueberry farm. All of our product is hand-picked by Good Handling Practices (GHP) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certified workers, ensuring quality and quantity of our product every season, from us to our consumers.

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