Urban Rooftop Farming
May 21, 2018 Written by Tiffany Bohlin
This first groundbreaking project, located on an underutilized rooftop in densely populated NYC, used the skills and labor of the Local 1 Plumbers Union in its construction, and highlights the FullBlue360 system’s:
  • Unique and sustainable growing technologies;
  • Ability to reduce negative environmental impacts of densely populated urban centers;
  • Efficiency – producing the equivalent of an acre’s conventional blueberry planting (43,560 ft²) using only 7,000 ft²;
  • Leveraging and logistical ease of being in and adjacent to several service markets; and
  • Opportunities available to investors, associated business and local communities at large through job creation, product development and educational programs.
  •  10-acre Commercial Holding in Northern Pinelands of New Jersey
    This second site is the first commercial, all organic, sustainable system in the USA, and presents numerous value-adding opportunities due to its proximity to New Jersey’s flourishing blueberry market.

Furthermore, it showcases key proprietary elements of FullBlue360’s growing methodology:

  • The specialized shade cloth.
  • The growing medium developed by FullBlue360.
  • And the blueberry planting design and precision irrigation that leads to a tripling of crop yields while reducing water utilization by 50%-70% (compared to conventional practices).
  • The blueberry planting design and precision irrigation that leads to a tripling of crop yields while reducing water utilization by 30% (compared to conventional practices).

With global populations at an all-time high, resources like food and water—more so for organic grade foods—are becoming increasingly globally competitive. In order to meet the public demand for organic, healthy options, current agricultural practices must evolve to produce higher yields while requiring fewer consumable resources.

This project is located on a 25,000ft² rooftop in Long Island City, New York, that combines a specialized rooftop drainage system, designed and constructed by union laborers, with a series of cisterns located on-site to direct and capture storm water runoff. The combination of the specialized growing medium, blueberry cultivar and water precision management system estimates over 95% efficiencies and essentially eliminates runoff and creates a closed loop water management program within the building while sustainable growing FullBlue360 blueberries and employing union labor.

FullBlue360’s ultimate mission is to create a major non-traditional production base of organic blueberries in various suitable locations throughout the USA, while meeting local and international market acceptability standards; simultaneously creating wealth in a safe, sustainable maker for all participants in the value chain.

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