FullBlue360 Executive Summary

With its proprietary agricultural methods and technology, FullBlue360 has formulated a flexible and scalable business model that allows for the year-round production of blueberries in full accordance with USDA organic standards. When compared to standard blueberry farming techniques, significant advantages of FullBlue360’s approach include:

  1. FullBlue360 crop yields are increased by 200% or more (i.e. tripled);
  2. We reduce water utilization by approximately 50%-70%; and
  3. For a year-round organic blueberry crop (year round production of organic blueberries) FullBlue360 has a competitive advantage over both domestic and international blueberry producers.

The above provides a considerable competitive advantage over both domestic and international blueberry producers. Furthermore, in complying with FullBlue360’s vision of assisting with social, economic and environmental issues within the communities it operates, FullBlue360’s system promotes:

  • Employment of local skilled workers (e.g. pipe tradesmen);
  • Up-skilling of local labor within the field of agriculture;
  • Provision of a living wage to all employees, whilst empowering women and underrepresented minorities; and
  • Assistance with local storm water management, water conservation and agricultural or environmental research efforts (FullBlue360 are in an ongoing research and general collaboration effort with the Rutgers University science team.)

After successfully implementing the system in the Northeast U.S. (achieving full system operation 11% under budget), FullBlue360 has identified a suitable site in Pahrump, Nevada, to expand its activities. The FullBlue360 system stands to thrive in a region where water conservation issues and a typically arid climate hinder traditional farming practices. In addition, it will provide much needed economic growth and opportunity in a region of the USA with some of the highest levels of poverty and unemployment.

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