Steven Sims

This serves as a reference as to the quality of blueberries produced by Global Agricultural Productions, LLC (GAP) under the “FullBlue360” brand name.

This last summer I was able to sample a range of “FullBlue360” cultivars produced by GAP at its blueberry farm in Lacey Township, New Jersey. Prior to visiting the farm, I devoured almost a pound of frozen blueberries from the season’s initial harvest, an absolutely exquisite ‘snack’ to say the least! A few days later I was able to take a tour of this innovative farming operation and was fortunate to pick a large number of 3 – 4 different cultivars of these organically-grown blueberries, fresh off the bush. I can say, with the utmost confidence, that these blueberries were ‘head and shoulders’ above any I have ever tasted, each of these beautiful and blemish-free berries harboring a distinctive flavor and texture unique to the cultivar.

With their ‘mellow sweetness’, I have no doubt that “FullBlue360” blueberries will fast establish themselves as a customer-favorite.

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