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Our Process

Over 30 years of development went into creating the proprietary growing process that allows us to grow perfect blueberries in most any climate. That means you can expect the same delectable FullBlues from our rooftop farm in Long Island City as you will get from our farm in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.
Soilless Growing Medium
A happy blueberry is a delicious blueberry. That’s why we forego soil and grow our FullBlues in pine bark substrate, the blueberry’s naturally preferred growing medium. This method helps us create an ideal growing environment for our FullBlues, no matter the climate or location, which in turn creates a delicious product for you.
Water Management
Our precision irrigation platform uses up to 70% less water than traditional field production methods—and even then we reuse as much water as we can at our rooftop farm. It’s sustainable, environmentally friendly, and conducive to a better, greener future for our planet.
Weather Resilience
We grew our first crop in 2017, a year with some of the most erratic North American weather patterns we had seen in years. Traditional growers in our region lost as much as 25% of their crop, but we made it through the season with a full harvest. Our closed-system growing method doesn’t rely on rainfall for irrigation, so we can maintain an ideal growing environment regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.
Larger Yield,
Smaller Footprint
Our ultra-high density planting system triples yields, while using 75% less land and space to achieve that yield.
Netting System
The first thing you might notice about our farms is that they’re covered—not with a roof, but with a retractable netting system. This covering is designed to help us adapt to each microclimate we farm in, meaning our FullBlues have the perfect home wherever we grow.
Packing & Cooling
We own and manage our own packing and cooling facilities (P&C). The FullBlues P&C operation packages, chills, and delivers our berries to our customers and allows us to ensure that all quality control measures and organic certification standards are maintained.
A Full Calendar of Fresh Harvests
Did you know there are over 450 blueberry cultivars, each with its own unique flavor profile, growing needs, and growing schedule? We use this to our advantage by growing several cultivars at once on each of our farms so that when one cultivar is ripe and ready for harvest the next is following right behind it. Year-round blueberry perfection, done naturally.
FullBlue Cultivars
From the Pine Barrens of NJ, to the slopes of Bear Mountain in NY, Tiffany and Ken are growing a carefully curated mix of natural blueberry cultivars that range in size and flavor profiles, as well as preferred growing season and microclimate. Cultivars like the hardy Dukes thrive in the Northeastern Spring, whereas giant Top Shelf berries prefer the scorching heat. This natural variation allows us to grow perfect blueberries year-round, even in our ever-changing world climate.

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